Can you get tested for STDs Too Soon After Unprotected Sex?

Can you get tested for STDs Too Soon After Unprotected Sex?

It seems like the best time to get tested after unprotected sex would be the next day, right? If the morning after pill is for the morning after, then shouldn’t STD tests also happen soon after unsafe sex?

Actually, no.

While it might seem strange, it could be a better idea to wait a few weeks or even a month to get tested depending on which STD you might have been exposed to. While Gonorrhea can take two to six days to show up on a test, HIV might take up to three months.

Different STDs have different incubation periods in each person’s system. Make sure to ask your doctor when to get tested if you think you’ve been exposed to a specific STD.

Some STDs can even be asymptomatic (they don’t cause symptoms at all). That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get tested. You can still pass an STD to your partner, even if you aren’t showing outer symptoms of infection.

Leaving STDs untreated can be serious. While the first signs and symptoms of some STDs might be easy to ignore, untreated STDs can lead to ulcers in the throat or rectum, organ damage, paralysis, and even death. Whether you think it might be Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, or HIV getting tested is the only way to know for sure.

Ask your doctor about your testing options after having unprotected sex. You can also minimize your risk of getting STDs and HIV by using condoms, PrEP, and other prevention methods during sex. You can also stay safer by talking openly with your sexual partners about your STD status and sexual history and getting tested regularly.

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